the art of breathing

the art or breathing … is synonym to living.

in life or in yoga… what encourages us to continue challenging ourselves during any postures/activity is our breath.

with a stable, smooth and prolonged breathing, it shows that our mind is calm enough to tell our body that it is confident to perform a posture gracefully.

with the same theory, we can apply it to our normal daily routines.

if our mind is clear and focused enough to achieve a certain goal… for sure, the goal is easily within reach.
But if our mind, thoughts and words are clouded by uncertainty, doubt, fear, rejection, and negativity, nothing can be obtained or achieved successfully.

i always believe that yoga is not something we can apply just on our yoga practices, but it is something we can apply on our everyday lives.

always try to remove unwanted thoughts from our mind… and anything, is possible when our mind is clear.

i have always hear of sayings, that our mind is so powerful that sometimes it can defy gravity.
BUT, what i truly believe, is the logic that when our mind is in peace, paired with the awareness of a goal that we set to achieve at one time, the result will be beyond our own expectations. that, is the true power of our self instead of our mind.

this is why, yoga is also defined as union with our body, mind and soul while our emotion, intelligence and action is in balance.  By understanding this, you will not only have a physical understanding on yoga, but you will also understand it spiritually and lead a meaningful life where your body is in harmony with your mind and soul.

i hope my words are not too confusing for anyone to understand, but if you can just try this very easy exercise, you may understand what i mean.

1. sit comfortably, relax and close your eyes.

2. breathe normally. try to empty your mind and remove all thoughts and conversations from your mind. if you can’t empty your mind, try to focus on the tip of your nose.

3. once you are relaxed and calmed, imagine a strong bright light, coming into your body from the top of your head, travelling slowly into your mind, your eyes, nose, mouth, neck, shoulder and slowly to your heart.

4. imagine the light shining brighter once it reaches your heart… and continues to shine even brighter. and brighter.

5. once it reaches a point where you feel your heart is warm… move the light slowly to your arms, hands, waist, hips, legs, and slowly.. your whole body is covered with light.

6. slowly feel how warm your body become.. and how the light shines from your body , brightening your surrounding .

7. once you’re comfortable, imagine the light slowly fading away.

this small practice, is very good to destress ourself after a tiring day at work or any stressful situation you are experiencing.

the point is to understand that we can be anything we want ourselves to be, if we focus on it hard enough.

the first time i tried this exercise… it made me understand how powerful yoga is, and how it affects my believe in my own self.

i would say, yoga is me right now, as it has taught me how to value and experience my life in a different level. if i can, i will try my best to share my experience with as many people as i can because i truly believe that values in yoga is beneficial to everyone.

i hope you will find my post useful.



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    bagus…sangat menginspirasikan…

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    Interesting thought…

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