Jenifer Ooi – 500 RYT

Jen’s main philosophy is always be a student first. Her intention is to inspire, motivate and share her knowledge of yoga to everyone so that they connect with their inner self and radiate their true potential.

Jen incorporates a holistic approach in her teaching style, influenced by her own experience as a practitioner of Hatha yoga. The basis of her teaching philosophy is that yoga can benefit all body types, gender, and basically anyone. Her classes focuses on breath control, while leading students through a series of vinyasa to discover their potential and to still the mind.

Jen’s classes are accessible to beginners, while also challenging for intermediate students as well as advanced students- with individual attention paid to each student and their progress. Her aim is always to guide and help every practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of yoga, to calm and still the mind in moving meditation, and to radiate positivity on and off the mat. 

Instagram: @jenifer.yoga

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  1. Eddie says:

    You are definately one Cool Chick (CC) *grin*

  2. Rinnie says:

    Duno how I stumbled ere but ur awsome xD. Ur posts captures my attention lol lovs the pixs aswell!

  3. Selfairy says:

    i was lookin for hairstyles and i stumbled on ur blog. heh. whr r u frm?

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