15 : Sequencing

Before TTC, i always wonder how do instructors plan out their class and how they manage to keep it fresh and not boring every time.

The yoga classes i have attended so far are always different in it’s flow, poses as well as speed. No two classes are the same. Hence, the topic of sequencing intrigues me alot as it shows the creativity of the instructor to bring a fun, challenging and non routine base class to his or her students. Are there any secret to sequencing? Are there do’s and don’ts?

Over the years of attending classes, i have somehow actually narrowed down certain things that i like and don’t like from the classes i have attended. Some of the most major ones include sequence that can flow. It is important to move from one pose to the other gracefully and not have abrupt changes from pose to pose. I am also not fond of sequence that do not emphasise on warming up the body at the beginning of the class as to me, a proper warmed up body will help subsequent poses to be easier and deepen the asanas. I also like sequence that are not predictable as predictability can reduce student’s alertness to the instructor.

How to build a sequence?

1. Prepare a theme, set a mood. eg : Strong Arms, Flexible Back, etc
2. Pick a peak pose. The pose done when the body is most warmed up.
3. A 60 min class should have at least minimum 8 poses.
4. Start the class with relaxation. Moving on to warming up poses, poses, and then ending with breathing and relaxation/shavasana.
5. It is best to have all group of asanas within the sequence. ie:- backbend, fwdbend, spinal twist, inversion, standing and arm balancing.
6. Ensure proper counter poses are introduced within the sequence.
7. Make sure each poses flow from one to the other.
8. Remember to make room for breathing 🙂