07 : The Journey

Hong Kong

Couldn’t attend TTC this weekend as i was away to Hong Kong for my yearly trip to the extended family in HK. I am always very excited and full of gratitude when it comes to visiting HK. Maybe cause visiting HK brings me a lot of memories of being with Pete, someone i considered as a mentor for my well being and personality.

You see, Pete is someone who encourages the goodness and well… the real you. Somehow he have this ability to make you be at your best self, and also points out indirectly and sometimes, directly, what you have done wrong in life. And this trip to HK makes me anticipate this feeling that i really like associating with – being myself.

I called this entry The Journey, as for the past weeks, i have been reflecting on my path of learning yoga for a good… 11 years. Yes, it has been 11 years. And yet, somehow i am still learning something new each time i step into class, whether it’s a teaching class, beginner’s/intermediate or advance class, or even just attending to a different type of yoga class. Each class is so different than the others and i ALWAYS walk out learning something new. And after giving a real hard thought … i realise, that, was the reason why i finally mustered the courage to take up TTC. I wanted to give other people the same feeling of learning something from my class, because the feeling and the idea of learning a new idea/wisdom/knowledge/asana or anything at all makes a person hunger and thirst for more in their life. This is the exact feeling i have after all my classes for the past 11 years. I am in gratitude for all my teachers that i have learned from , for the past 11 years, and sometimes i can still remember the exact words they uttered when they teach the class. Yes, the impact was really great, especially those that can alter my mindset to be a more positive and better person.

I also remembered how i was obsessed with classes when i was in Yogazone and how i would actually attend 3 classes back to back. I was thinking hard why i actually did that and i couldn’t find an answer. Perhaps i was really in love with yoga back then.

Maybe i should reflect more because all of a sudden i have a lot of memories on my yoga classes, most of them very, very beautiful  moments of my progress in Yoga.

I started from being in awe with instructors who can do handstands easily to doing them myself, although still with struggles. I was quite flexible since young, but some instructors thought me on how to use my core instead of relying on my flexibility in certain asanas. I then took up Capoeira, a brazilian martial arts when i started attending advance classes to tone up my arms, since my arms are my weakest point. Well… my arms are extremely weak. Surprisingly, i love Capoeira too, and am happy of my advancement every year to a different cordao/belt. Later on, i started running marathons to build up my stamina for advance poses, since most of the advance poses requires lots of strength and focus. To think back, i took up many other fitness courses to help train my body for yoga. This was actually also motivated by my yoga instructor. He told everyone from the advance classes to take up different fitness regime to tone our weakest muscle and especially the ladies to start doing more weights in order to be able to do a better chaturanga and push up asanas. Although i am still not at my strongest, the journey towards where i am today, to be able to balance in postures i initially thought i couldn’t was extremely rewarding and satisfying. And yet… the journey has not even ended or no where near the end. Right until the path where i am taking TTC, everyday i am breathing in something new and something different.

Somehow taking TTC could’ve been the best thing i have done for myself in such a long long time. Even traveling and new gadgets and toys do not make me this happy and satisfied. I guess with age, i also started to realise how material things are temporary and humanity and love are far more important than anything else in this world.

That said, although i was actually anticipating my short holiday to HK this year, i was also quite taken aback that i couldn’t attend the TTC classes this weekend. But in a way, it was a also a good thing as it gave me time to do a lot of reflection and trying to understand myself better.