Wow it has been a year!



Hey guys,

Looks like it has been exactly a year since my very last update :P

I find that blogging have lost it’s essence and my busy busy work life have kinda blocked me from the thought of blogging itself *hah*

But i guess if you want to stalk me, my facebook and instagram will be your best bet; IG ::jennihsurf , facebook:: jennihsurf (but i only add friends sorry bout that)

Anyhoo, here i am writing again but yeah, it’s gonna be my yearly ritual of resolutions :D *teehee*

How was 2013?

Well… i really still couldn’t believe that a year has passed, cause everything is happening so fast that sometimes i really couldn’t believe that it’s happening. There’s more ups rather than downs so i guess 2013 was my year after all.

2013 recap

1. i wanted a new bed frame; and yeay, i got a whole new bedroom makeover. am really proud of that :p

2. NEPAL didn’t happen; but t’was ok cause i din’t really have time for it this year. but for 2014, it’s a do or die :)

3. i wanted to try rock climbing and well, climb i did, and i enjoyed it very much. Should i take it full time for 2014? idk, we’ll see.

4. My aim for MAD was achieved :) Am honoured, thankful and couldn’t ask for more for all the support i get. A million thanks again.

5. Biking was the agenda and yes, my bicycle is used heavily this year.

6. Music.. well.. let’s just say i have the equipments but don’t really the time to have fun with it :(

7. A family getaway… didn’t happen; but well… i spent more time with family than i ever had in my past few years in kl.

8. A trip to the states didn’t happen as well… but this will be postponed till 2015 due to some heavy commitments i have.

9. To get a 2nd dog. Well.. say hello to Jody if you have not met her :) Got my dreams dogs at home and honestly couldn’t ask for more (again).

10. To get my doodly site launched. – didn’t happen.. but oh well.. it seems that i am having other priorities now.

11. And yes, i got my dogs a doggy pool :)

12. Change my CAR didn’t happen but gonna cross fingers and hope this happens this year instead! :)

That said..

Here’s 2014’s bucket listΒ 

1. i guess for 2014 there will be less “Wants” as the main target for the year will be to spend less and trying to save up.

2. NEPAL will be in the list, and hopefully if all goes well, i will be heading there in Oct.

3. I need to get back on track with my fitness regime as i’m starting to slack due to heavy workload. Work Life Balance isn’t going so well so far so yeah, i guess it’s prollie time to take a stand on this.

4. MAD will continue it’s effort since it’s my baby :)

5. Family will always and forever be priority.

6. To spend more quality time with my daughters (Roxy & Jody) and to train Jody up cause she’s realllllllly naughty.

7. Change my CAR will be an option, since i wanted to spend less, but my current car is starting to well… age. we’ll see. If it happens it happens :)

I guess for 2014 i wanna take things rather more seriously than before.
Other than trying to be a better person and be a better daughter, i guess some quality me time would be good.

So yeah, basically just living life to it’s fullest and expect less.

In which i believe when you expect less, then whenever you achieve something remarkable you would appreciate it more since you didn’t expect it coming :)

Alrighty. i hope the next time i blog will not be in 2015 so yeah… more me time to do the things enjoy.. including rambling on my abandoned blog :)

Peace and say hi to me if you bumped into me anywhere :)


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