UX is simple

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If something is unclear – clarify it

If something is arduous – lighten the load

If something is complex – make it simpler

If something is over verbose – strip it back

If something is ambiguous – clarify it

If something is big – make it feel manageable

If people get lost let them find their way out

If something goes wrong – let people recover

If something seems pointless – show the value

If something is dry add some levity

If something is dreary add some delight

If something needs explaining – explain it carefully

Make the important stuff important and the other stuff less so

Less is more (but you probably knew that)

Make desired actions obvious – show the way

If something feels daunting – provide support

If something goes right – say it did

If something goes bad – say it did

If something requires effort – set expectations

If something feels risky provide reassurance

If something feels fragile make it feel solid

If somethings looks great it’ll help to make it feel great

Bring structure to the unstructured

Don’t presume anything

Don’t try to be clever

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