thank you


Sometimes all it takes is the encouragement of your peers to take you to the next level.

Always encourage people around you to strive for more. To love themselves and appreciate their lives, body and soul. Make them feel loved, so that they are confident enough to know that they can do what they think they cant.

Everyone needs a few words of compliments now and then.  it never hurts to give anyone one. 🙂

Tell the person next to you how pretty/good he/she looked today. Tell them they smell good.. or their hair suits their outfit or anything at all. Congratulate your colleagues on a job well done. Pat your friend’s back and give them a smile.

🙂 all this costs nothing but the return’s more than any money can buy.

spread the joy of your laughter and make someone happy.

namaste to my yoga classmates for the thumbs up to me today. that mere gesture made me  realize how something so small can increase my confidence in myself.

always remember,  understanding your body and yourself holds the key to your happiness. read it with an open mind and you may find what you want.



2 comments on “thank you

  1. ahbing says:

    I especially like this one “Everyone needs a few words of compliments now and then. it never hurts to give anyone one”


  2. David says:


    I just found you site today! Very good writing, and interesting topics!

    So you think you are old!

    Age is most often a state of mind.

    I am far older than you chronologically, but there are many days when I can play like a 6 year old.

    Fortunately I no longer try to party like a 20 year old.

    Best wishes for great success in your life!


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