tangan berdiri

Doing the handstand is the most challenging yoga posture for me so far;- to balance your whole body on your hand and stay put while balancing your body on air Β from the strengths of your hands/arms. basically my arms is still very weak, and i have to use the wall to achieve this pose. My problem is that i’m afraid i will fall off, sideways or not, from the balancing. falling is always painful.. and that fear from falling is the hindrance. it’s hard to shake that feeling off and perhaps, that’s the reason why i cant achieve it yet. But i guess i just need more practice. and to shake off that fear ..

the handstand is imho, a few level above headstands and scorpion pose. if i can master the handstand.. a lot of other postures will be easy peasy.

strong arms is key!

kick up with wall support

variation 1

variation 2

all the best to me!