The yoga high is definitely wearing off and some experiences has definitely already worn off.

Of late, yoga classes have been more of a routine rather than a challenge and y’all should know that i am a sucker for challenges by now. And when things come to a routine… i get bored.

Anyhoo, i was a little intrigued by this class called acro yoga but knowing my leg injuries, i don’t think it’s advisable to dive straight up high just yet. But somehow when i tried to implement a few poses related to acro in my vinyasas i realize how easy acro yoga actually is. I guess its time to learn other styles because repetitive asanas gets boring.

On another note, i realized that my classes often ends up well if i start it off well and be better prepared just before class rather than tip-toeing in late, panting, disturbing others while meditating and carelessly spill water on my mat while taking a sip before class.

Let me share with you my small moment of victory from yesterday’s class. Comparing to a year ago, i probably was doing the dandasana wrong. I am definitely not as confident with the vrischikasana and mayurasana. And i dont take pride in meditation.

Yesterday, all i felt was this is a little too easy for me.
I guess that moment deserves to be celebrated 🙂 and i must thank all the support and encouragement by my fellow yogimates 🙂 namaste, om shanti.

Alrighty now, let’s go forth.