open up your heart


I’ve realized recently from my yoga practices how differently i do my sun salutation after years of practice. I do not have time *cough* to record a video and show you my sun salutations but basically, sun sals is the best way to warm up your body for any yoga practices. When done right, it will open up your shoulders, your mind and most importantly, your heart.

I believe having the right mind and thoughts when doing yoga is very important in advancing to any poses instead of just focus and strong core muscles. i know for sure i have week arms and thanks to a recent leg injury, basically i am just weaker now.

but recently i’ve attended a class from a different instructor and i quote her

“The most basic poses are the best and most challenging to strengthen your core muscles”

and yes, true enough, the most basic poses when done right, gives you more challenge than any advance postures itself.

and so, here i would like to dedicate a pose to chaturanga dandasana which is the pose that i have mastered throughout my years of practice in yoga and i can proudly say, sun salutations are basically one of the best yoga movements to cleanse your mind body and soul. the best place to practice sun sals in somewhere peaceful, calm, with little to no distractions.

i particularly like ashtanga sun salutations for its balance between inner breathe, posture and flow.

This is the best video that i can find that shows the BEST way to do a sun salutation.

1. Start with arms on your chest. Breathe and slowly bring your arms to the top of your head and then arch your back.

2. Slowly move down towards forward bend, palms on the mat.

3. Raise your body slightly up and fingers on the mat.

4. Forward bend again.

5. Lift your heels off the mat and slowly balance your body on your palms, feet floating on the mat.

6. Slowly swing your leg back, when reaching the mat it should produce no sound at all.

8. Chaturanga Dandasana, your body should be lifted off from the mat and only feet and palms on the mat. Elbow should be parallel with your body and body should be in a straight line.

7. Tuck in your feet, raise your body up to Upward Dog, thighs not resting on the mat.

8. Slowly raise your body up to Downward dog, body should be in a straight downward “v” shape. Rest here for at least 5 long breathes.

9. Now slowly raise your heels up, lift your body up and jump towards your hands, slowly balancing it first before placing your feet down on the mat.

8. Forward bend.

9. Lift your head up, Breathe up hands raise towards the back and arch your back.

10. Palms down to the chest.

Note :: Watch the video. You will notice that the guy is doing a proper Ujjayi breathing and have a locked banda in most of his postures. That is the right way to practice sun salutations. You will realize once you have locked your bandha, air flows easily through your nose and your breathing becomes very very natural.

I must say this is the most important poses in yoga and if you want to move towards more advance poses, you have to master the sun salutations first. I noticed in a lot of yoga classes a lot of people have even the downward dog position wrong. Just keep practising if you can’t achieve any postures but basically, sun salutations can really open up your muscles, joint, thoughts, mind, and your heart in accepting yoga itself.

Try it out! 🙂

For advance students, here’s the second level of sun salutation which will be interesting enough to spice up your practice.

I am still learning to go from a balanced forward bend to handstand.. so yeah, this will be my new challenge!

namaste and if time allows, i will try and record a video of myself doing a level1 sun salutation. 🙂