some tips to help you go to the final mayurasana pose.

1. try single side mayurasana first. left and then right before going to full mayurasana
2. if you’re not confident, put your forehead on the floor first
3. lift up your leg instead of kicking it up. kicking it up will never ever work, even if you manage to do the pose, you will only last a few seconds :/
4. for mayuriasana, put your leg in lotus position before lifting it up.
5. when you balance yourself, keep breathing. don’t hold your breathe.
6. when locking your hands on your stomach, lock your bandha to leave some space for your elbows to fit in your abdomen area.
7. TRUST your body and allow it to flyyy 🙂


🙂 good luck to all yogis out there trying to ace the mayurasana! 🙂