handstand scorpion

this will be a quick post on yoga.

it’s been quite sometime since i’ve been vrischikasana-ing. It is my favourite pose, yes, but the one pose that i always wanted to master gracefully is the handstand. and subsequently the handstand vrischikasana.

I really really need stronger arms for that because after 1-2 hour of balancing and core poses and then when it’s time to deepen my asanas, my arms would totally die. Not only arms, sometimes wrist as well.

Normally i will save up all my energy and stamina for my one hour of advance ashtanga in class, knowing this is the only class that happens to be really fun and challenging and i’ve been to his adv hatha & ashtanga for about… 2 years+ now. Having an instructor who knows your limit is really good sometimes. Kok knows that no matter how challenging a certain pose is, i will still challenge myself to do it and sometimes it amazes myself that certain advance poses are pretty easy for me.

i know my strengths and my weaknesses in my body.

i am very flexible. i have strong legs and good balance and sometimes, focus.


i have super weak arms and super weak core abs. (which is the most important for yoga) .

both really do not gel well with yoga actually.

hence i can do all the flexing balancing and bending and flo poses easily.
but when it comes to arm balancing… gah. i can do the poses, but only if i have the energy and enough stamina on my arms and abs. sometimes i have to struggle a little for example like the Astavakrasana (Eight-Angle Pose) where it combines arm balancing and core abs… i will totally fail. if the poses are done at the beginning of the class, no problemo, i have all the energy in the world to go to the pose, but most of the time, this is not how yoga works. The poses are build on sequence and you warm up your body with a lot of crazy poses before finally giving it the ultimatum boost.

This is a yoga handstand. im not sure how other handstands work but in a yoga handstand, you move slowly and surely from bottom up. your legs will stick together and once you are pretty balanced, you lift your head up and look towards the floor and breathe, balancing for as long as you can, minimum, 5 long breaths. the best is if you can do it repetitively, ie ;- downward dog – handstand – downward dog – handstand and repeat at least up to 3-5 times. the most i can go is 2. 🙁 because after the 2nd round, i know my arms is totally dead. T_T any subsequent trial will fail. 🙁

Once you are confident, slowly arch your back more, head lifted up a lil more and you bend your legs towards your head, building a vrischikasana sequence. balance and breathe for as long as you can. and then you come down gracefully, back to handstand and then one leg down to the floor.

my challenge for now, is to overcome my weakness to be able to go to these poses by myself gracefully. strong arms is key, something i have been repetitively talking about in all my yoga posts.
sounds easy but ergh, not really. i hate weights. not because it doesnt work or anything but because i find it a lil boring and less motivating like movements or dance or martial arts. so what im doing is  adding a lot of variety into my workout in order to strengthen my arms.

doesnt seem to work. so does it mean that weights is the only answer here? any ideas from fitness enthusiasts out there? how can i make my arms stronger? perhaps i can start lifting water bottles while working in the office =.=”