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Ipoh, my home

2 days ago, Pete shared a pop-up book by Kit Lau that shows the very soul of Hong Kong.

I wondered… what does Malaysia mean to the outsiders? What does my home represent?

The first thing that striked my mind was Ipoh.. and boy am I proud to come from the land of chicken beansprouts and white coffee. I researched a little and thought that it would be nice to draw Nam Heong, which is what Ipoh is famous with – White Coffee. Then again, a true ipohrean will know the real story behind the original white coffee, which is at the opposite of nam heong;- Sin Yoon Loong and Suan Yoon Foong.

Quickly, i googled up some images and some prior drawings done by others and started drawing when i reach home. (The image that i drew above is not an original as i tried to draw the interpretation of SYL/F by an artist who painted a watercolour version. Though my version is more customized to what i remembered and how it should be) I pimped my highschool a little in this picture and yes.. that is me in my TCS tee and mum. (I have to say, my favourite food at Sin Yoon Loong/Foong is the caramel custard steam egg. The texture and sweetness as well as the caramelized skin is to-die-for!)

Well.. Old town is just part of a small town called Ipoh.
What i like most about it, is the people. Over the years… i realized that Ipohreans are the type of people who will say hello to you, help you and make sure you are happy and healthy even if they’re just strangers to you.

What does your town represent? And what brings good memories to you?