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Being Happy


Yesterday, i wore my school tee and went to the bank. The lady at the counter smiled at me and asked

“Awalnyer you balik dari sekolah?”

i couldnt help but started laughing. then i replied..

“I bukan student lah”

in which she then replied..

“Habis? Teacher?”

Apparently, she couldn’t help noticing my convent shirt and she had me smiling leaving the bank 🙂


I couldn’t help but realized, how i love living in the past.

That T-Shirt i used to wear every single day when i was 17? i digged it out and started wearing it all over again. School Shoes, School Bags, Notebooks, Pencil Cases, Tupperwares? Yes… I’m trying to bring back everything i used to love.

Everytime i walk/drive pass a place i have memories with, i whipped out my phone to take a picture, even when i’m halfway driving, as i’m afraid that that particular place will no longer exist the next time im back.

Its kinda weird… how the latest gadgets, latest trends and latest music doesn’t really… urm, “excite” me anymore.

I got myself an old fashioned jap bicycle today (picture above). And boy, i was so happy my mum was actually quite surprised at my school-girl squeaks i used to have when i was girl guiding.

In fact, i wasnt this happy when i got my new camera (yes, for those of you who didn’t know, i got rid of my 50d finally) and also the new ekhem ipad(finally succumbed to peer pressure on this one).  Getting all these new gadgets dint make me as happy as i was today, getting a cheap, old-fashioned bike which i think was quite a bargain.

The conversation me and my mum had at the shop today was so funny!

Mum : Do u have a new one for this?
Guy : Yea, it’s at the box there *points to the back* But i think you can’t ensemble it on your own, i will help you to fix it up first.
Mum : Don’t look down on my daughter she can build a car if you just give her a spanner
Guy: Really.. You sure you don’t need help? *looks at me*
Mum : Don’t worry she’s a female Mac Gyver
Me : *wtf face i seriously dint expect my mum to say that wtf* My mum’s just kidding with you please ensemble it for me =.=”


It worries me a little, how i find comfort in the past and sometimes, not being able to let go of certain memories and people in my life.

i know i’ve moved on from past relationships, they basically left no scars to me.

But i know i’ve not moved on from the memories, and possibly, the happy thoughts.


Sometimes, it’s the memories that keep us holding on even when there’s basically nothing to hold on to. Sometimes, it’s the imaginary thoughts.

Whatever it is… i guess it’s my temporary happy till someone steps in and create all this new happy memories that means something to me.

Till then.. i guess, my temporary happy will be my new bike 🙂