A simple thought


An anonymous uncle cheered me on to finish the half marathon today. Towards the last mile, everytime I started walking he will run by and say “don’t stop, the finish line is just two steps ahead” and I will pick up the pace and continue running again. Each time I started slowing down to a walk , he will scream “keep moving, you’re very near to the finish line!”. And it continues to be that way till I finally made it to the finish line.

It dawned into me… How little one can do or say to push one to further their limits and challenge them to go beyond and do better. Just a simple word of encouragement, a pat on the back, they made huge differences to one’s true potential.

It then got me thinking, have I done the same to my comrades n friends lately? have I gave enough encouragements and support to my peers?

Of late I have been drifting apart on what I should be doing or what I could do better. And I have not been doing the right thing, which I believe should be helping and encouraging my family, friends and colleagues to bring out the best in them.

Thank you anonymous uncle, you’ve waken me up.