18: Karma




Karma Yoga. The process of practising perfection in actions.

Perfection in Actions.


I thought about it as the month have passed by and realised how imperfect, we, as humans are. In fact, i started to realise how imperfect I am.

Everyday we are bombarded by life’s challenges and how can we remain perfect in our actions when things do not go our way? How can we be God and Saint-like when people trigger our emotions, extreme situations challenge our personality and emotions get in the way? ¬†How do we remain composed and positive?


I found the answer in a simple situation that happened to me recently. It took me few seconds to react, but an instant to know i was doing the wrong thing… and a whole day of regret of my words and actions.

I find that if i simply just let situations materialise in my brains for a while more, i would have reacted differently. Chose smarter words to say. And likely created a different turn of events.

A few more seconds of digesting the action before i create a reaction.

Just a few more seconds.

It would have made a difference.