05: Santosha.


Be grateful. Be contented. Be happy.

Though sometimes easier said than done…we often live our lives chasing too much of our dreams and wants and let peer pressure determine our goals and measurement of what success is in life. Is it that beautiful house? That speedy car? That high ranking position? The gadgets he/she owns? The expensive handbag/watch/etc?

It is not wrong to have aspirations and goals and ambitions, but on the path towards our dreams, we should always be thankful of what we currently have, how the journey came about and who we are. Be mindful of our little achievements and celebrate even the failures. Stay grounded, stay humble. Observe and ┬ádo not speak faster than the mind. I’m guilty of the latter and I have to say I am sometimes ashamed of my own ego and pride.

Some of the yogic studies have made me realise how I can contribute to be a better person inside. And always, concentrating on the inner self first.

Ahimsa, shanti om. I now aim to be more mindful of my words and actions.