01: Clarity



Sometimes I get frustrated when the world doesn’t go around my way. Keyword : “my way“.

Just a day before i started the YTTC, i was questioning people in my social network how can human be so selfish sometimes.

Adding to the fact that even people who knew each other are like this nowadays; ie only looking for you when they need/want/nosy of something. Some people are so calculative that in the back of their heads lies the thoughts of “how does this benefit me” or “how can I profit from this” or “I must get something out of this” mindset. Money is probably their drive.

Are we becoming a more selfish society? Where do you stand? Are you selfish? There are good people out there with benevolent thoughts and feelings who put others before themselves; however, they are rare to find.

As i sleep with the thought of how i could not change the world… it made me very emotional¬†with how little one can control over life.

Then, comes the YTTC. During the class, thoughts of these questions i was asking the night before came pouring into my mind.

The awareness that I am frustrated for things that I can’t control have open up some answers to myself.

Be the change you want the world to be.

And stop trying to make others understand my way. Instead, do good. Be selfless. Listen. Accommodate. And most importantly… Find a balance to create harmony.

Treating someone who does you wrong the same way they treated you does not make the world a better place.
This is a very good but hard lesson to cultivate and inspire to others.

But here i am, rising up to the challenge, taking this step by starting with myself first.

This YTTC will bring a new path of understanding to me, as the first day itself was enlightening and sparked questions of what kind of person i am, and what kind of person do i want to be.

Santosha. I closed my eyes and breathe a new meaning of clarity.