Wow it has been a year!



Hey guys,

Looks like it has been exactly a year since my very last update :P

I find that blogging have lost it’s essence and my busy busy work life have kinda blocked me from the thought of blogging itself *hah*

But i guess if you want to stalk me, my facebook and instagram will be your best bet; IG ::jennihsurf , facebook:: jennihsurf (but i only add friends sorry bout that)

Anyhoo, here i am writing again but yeah, it’s gonna be my yearly ritual of resolutions :D *teehee*

How was 2013?

Well… i really still couldn’t believe that a year has passed, cause everything is happening so fast that sometimes i really couldn’t believe that it’s happening. There’s more ups rather than downs so i guess 2013 was my year after all.

2013 recap

1. i wanted a new bed frame; and yeay, i got a whole new bedroom makeover. am really proud of that :p

2. NEPAL didn’t happen; but t’was ok cause i din’t really have time for it this year. but for 2014, it’s a do or die :)

3. i wanted to try rock climbing and well, climb i did, and i enjoyed it very much. Should i take it full time for 2014? idk, we’ll see.

4. My aim for MAD was achieved :) Am honoured, thankful and couldn’t ask for more for all the support i get. A million thanks again.

5. Biking was the agenda and yes, my bicycle is used heavily this year.

6. Music.. well.. let’s just say i have the equipments but don’t really the time to have fun with it :(

7. A family getaway… didn’t happen; but well… i spent more time with family than i ever had in my past few years in kl.

8. A trip to the states didn’t happen as well… but this will be postponed till 2015 due to some heavy commitments i have.

9. To get a 2nd dog. Well.. say hello to Jody if you have not met her :) Got my dreams dogs at home and honestly couldn’t ask for more (again).

10. To get my doodly site launched. – didn’t happen.. but oh well.. it seems that i am having other priorities now.

11. And yes, i got my dogs a doggy pool :)

12. Change my CAR didn’t happen but gonna cross fingers and hope this happens this year instead! :)

That said..

Here’s 2014′s bucket list 

1. i guess for 2014 there will be less “Wants” as the main target for the year will be to spend less and trying to save up.

2. NEPAL will be in the list, and hopefully if all goes well, i will be heading there in Oct.

3. I need to get back on track with my fitness regime as i’m starting to slack due to heavy workload. Work Life Balance isn’t going so well so far so yeah, i guess it’s prollie time to take a stand on this.

4. MAD will continue it’s effort since it’s my baby :)

5. Family will always and forever be priority.

6. To spend more quality time with my daughters (Roxy & Jody) and to train Jody up cause she’s realllllllly naughty.

7. Change my CAR will be an option, since i wanted to spend less, but my current car is starting to well… age. we’ll see. If it happens it happens :)

I guess for 2014 i wanna take things rather more seriously than before.
Other than trying to be a better person and be a better daughter, i guess some quality me time would be good.

So yeah, basically just living life to it’s fullest and expect less.

In which i believe when you expect less, then whenever you achieve something remarkable you would appreciate it more since you didn’t expect it coming :)

Alrighty. i hope the next time i blog will not be in 2015 so yeah… more me time to do the things enjoy.. including rambling on my abandoned blog :)

Peace and say hi to me if you bumped into me anywhere :)


2013 – To-Do List


It’s time of the year again to recap on the year, to acknowledge the achievements in 2012 and also the failures, the this-could-have-been-done-differently and also what to expect for 2013.

Let’s start with the failures.

I failed badly at trying to learn Mandarin. But well at least, i was able to speak in mandarin to the telemarketers who tried to sell me insurance on the phone and forced me to speak mandarin. “WO BU YAOOOO…., WO YI JING YOU LE!!” lol. I guess i will never stop trying to learn chinese because the language intrigues me a lot.

I also failed at trying to save up some moolah, likely due to the getaways, travelling and little splurges and self-pampering i do everytime i manage to save up some extra cash.

The good news is………

This year, i told myself that i will start back my community work and hence, MAD is born. MAD is still a fairly new initiative with many exciting ideas to come and implement next year. For starters there will be some collaborations with some big names; and then there will be some new products. I will prollie blog more about this once i have the time, but yes, hopefully this will take off further next year and hopefully i will have ample time to do the marketing and promotions for MAD. It is all, for the benefit and protection of animals.

I am also a little more family oriented this year compared to all the years that i have left Ipoh and become the “city girl”. It also seemed like my friends have accepted that i need my family time during the weekends and do not pester  me to stay in KL sometimes. I love you guys for that, truly from the bottom of my heart. <3 I know this the right thing to do, to be with my aging mum, to have quality time with my family, roxy & to put my family first in everything i do.

As for my Yoga journey, i’d post up a gallery on some new achievements this year. I guess my body was strongest this year… which is also likely due to Capoeira; and I’m thankful enough that i graduated another level during the Batizado this year.

I guess for 2013, i’d do things slightly differently. Instead of writing resolutions, i’ll be writing things that i WANT to do next year. Prollie that will be easier to strike off and carry forward if things didn’t go the way it’s planned. HA!

Let’s go!

1. I need a new bed frame. Like PRONTO. I don’t know why i procrastinated on this for so long; it’s pretty simple… go to ikea, pay up and get a new bed.

2. NEPAL. Okay, so Nepal is in my to-do-before-i-die list; i must at least have a plan for this by next year, or done with all the bookings. seriously.

3. So, apart from Yoga and Capo, i want to take up rock climbing in 2013. i know.. wtf jen… but seriously, it’s now or never.

4. My aim for MAD next year is at least proceeds to 5 NPOs.

5. I want to go biking on weekends, prollie some hiking and more crazy adrenaline stuff… but we’ll see; i guess it will be hard to juggle with the alternate KL-IPOH thingy.

6. I got myself a new guitar, so … yes, no more leaving it in the corner to dust.

7. A family getaway. I need to plan one, just so we can have more quality time and foster better r.ship with the familia.

8. A trip to the states! Another to-do-before-i-die. Well, to surf there would be nice as well.

9. To get a 2nd dog. I believe it’s time for a 2nd dog, If i can adopt one, that will be the best.

10. To get my doodly site launched. Been telling myself to do it for ages, never took flight. grr.

11. I want to take Roxy to a beach or get her a doggy pool. I need to do my research on this.

12. Change my CAR. hahaha. Okay this is actually something that i wanted to do in 2013, but i might leave it out cause i don’t like to burden myself with unnecessary commitments. BUT… if i change my mind.. then you will be seeing me in a new ride wtf.

I guess that’s all i can think off for now, there are more i’m sure, i’ll write about them if it crosses my mind, or most likely, i will be fb-ing it. One thing for sure, 2013 is the year to work AND party harder better faster stronger teehee.


Surfing in Bali


#10 ::
Just got back from Bali and i’m so tanned right now! hah!

#9 ::
I still remember my first ever “real” trip to the beach was to Redang. Back then, i was an adrenaline junkie! Basically i always try to kill myself by trying to pet the sharks or jump off the cliff. And my friends labelled me “accident-prone” because i always end up with blood or bruises in whatever i do.

Well.. that was back then.

I think aging also means that right now i’m matured enough to know that sharks bite and jumping off the cliff equals suicide. Whatever it is, i have always been a beach person and the idea of sun tanning and just laying on the sands excites me. Actually, i have not changed much, i still love the beach to bits, but i know the excitement is slowly dying off. And going to the beach… doesn’t make me sleepless anymore.

#8 ::
Surfing in bali was great fun! It reminded me of my surfing days back in 2004. Waves there is really epic! No wonder everyone says that surfing in Bali and Aus is the best. I was a little paranoid surfing again since my last surf ended up with a bloody elbow and knee :/ Thanks to “soul surfer” all i keep thinking when im tumbling in the waves are sharks and rocks and corals ergh. Nevertheless, time of my life <3

Being back in bali makes me realize that i really am not a meat person. Or maybe their pork is just really porky-smelly :/

Everyone i know travels for different reasons. Some for shopping, some for food, mostly to relax and chill or party.

As for me,everytime i travel to a foreign country, i try my best to learn other’s culture, language, food, visit not just the touristy places but also more local places and get to meet new friends from other country and understand what it is like to be living in their country. Sometimes by doing that, we will be more appreciative of our own country; and we can then identify what we have done right/wrong in our homeland.

Of late, I’m getting too philosophical.

At times, i find that my perception of things changes easily as i am gullible and easy to  persuade. Most of the time i regret not having a stance of my own, but sometimes, its easier not having to think and decide for myself.

My point is, i guess i’m starting to lose my own voice.

I don’t have a backup plan anymore.

#2 ::
I miss having debates and conversations with intellectual people.  Somehow i talk trashy nowadays and i no longer am as confident as i was. hurrrr.. *tehhorrrorrrr* Possibly due to my withdrawal from the social world, and drowning myself with routine work everyday T____T

#1 ::
FML. i need some drama.

UX is simple

A great post found here

If something is unclear – clarify it

If something is arduous – lighten the load

If something is complex – make it simpler

If something is over verbose – strip it back

If something is ambiguous – clarify it

If something is big – make it feel manageable

If people get lost let them find their way out

If something goes wrong – let people recover

If something seems pointless – show the value

If something is dry add some levity

If something is dreary add some delight

If something needs explaining – explain it carefully

Make the important stuff important and the other stuff less so

Less is more (but you probably knew that)

Make desired actions obvious – show the way

If something feels daunting – provide support

If something goes right – say it did

If something goes bad – say it did

If something requires effort – set expectations

If something feels risky provide reassurance

If something feels fragile make it feel solid

If somethings looks great it’ll help to make it feel great

Bring structure to the unstructured

Don’t presume anything

Don’t try to be clever



A few days ago, Junn asked me… do you work for money or mere interest?

Without hesitation, i answered, INTEREST!

Few days down the road, while working on the performance review with my team, it got me thinking, while i have this passion i have towards the work i do, somehow it is not enough to keep motivating myself to go on, to be better, to go forward, to keep a smile on my face every single day.

It then occurred to me, maybe i am not working for my passion. But instead, maybe i’m working with my team, and they are the ones that keep me doing what i’m doing. They are the reason why i critic my own work, to show them that we have to keep challenge ourselves to be better than what we already can do.

Sometimes, the people around us is why we keep going to work everyday. Have you ever thought about that?